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Quickplay’s Media Orchestrator tames fragmentation, reduces on-boarding friction, and proactively helps you manage your business

By Paul Pastor

There has to be a more efficient way to tackle media supply chain issues, right?

We talk to many customers and prospects, and for every one of them the challenge of aggregating content from many different sources, preparing and orchestrating it for distribution, and delivering it to multiple endpoints and partners has all too often been a massive migraine. We’ve seen this show many times – no pun intended.

Untangling the maze of decentralization means picking your way through non-standardized formats and metadata, detached toolsets, and an ever-growing number of content sources, distribution channels and syndication partners. If the complexity doesn’t get you, the cost of consolidation will.

To wade into that technological snakepit and survive, streaming providers need a media services solution that not only automates the multiple inputs and outputs, but proactively helps you manage your content distribution business to ensure internal and external customer metadata, file format, and service level agreements (SLA) are achieved. Quickplay’s Media Orchestrator provides templates, integrations, dashboards, and alerts that will give you insights into your business so you are no longer flying blind and no longer responding to crises, but instead enables the partner and supplier management you need.

At IBC (Stand 5.H61) next month, we’ll be showcasing how Media Orchestrator delivers against the core needs of aggregation, normalization and distribution/syndication. Media Orchestrator’s automation and analytical tools replace manual steps and spreadsheets by managing ingest, validating against specifications, and scheduling delivery to distribution and syndication partners. Key functions include:

  • Automating content ingest and validation at scale to boost efficiency and quality control at the onset of aggregation;
  • Leveraging Quickplay’s deep expertise to proactively check, correct and confirm adherence to specifications and reduce manual intervention to normalize media, metadata, and prepare content for distribution
  • Using the power of automation to streamline versioning, packaging and delivery of content to a growing number of syndication endpoints to generate additional revenue.
  • Delivering real time insights to ensure on-time ingest and delivery

And for creators and post-production teams, we’re also pioneering the use of LucidLink’s cloud-enabled network attached storage (NAS) to eliminate the back-and-forth, time delays, and potential errors of traditional remote post-production. The LucidLink NAS is allowing editors anywhere in the world to edit collaboratively in real time, and publish to Quickplay’s Media Orchestration platform to further accelerate content availability.

Here’s the bottom line: the management of OTT media supply chains doesn’t have to be a headache. Our Media Orchestrator harnesses the same spirit of innovation that has helped us drive OTT success for MVPDs, telcos and sports providers to eliminate one of the industry’s biggest pain points and fast track  the monetization of content. Visit us at IBC (5.H61) or contact us at to learn more.