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Powerful personalization: Poised for liftoff

By Blog & Interviews, Extensibility, Market Impact, Personalization

Great personalization is a powerful force that can take the OTT industry to stratospheric heights. It can help bored viewers escape the monotony of all-too-limited “echo chamber” recommendations and increase consumer satisfaction. And ultimately, it can shape roadmaps that can underpin providers’ success positively impacting business metrics such as ARPU, CLTV, and churn.

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Don’t Let Too Many Viewers Bring You Down

By Blog & Interviews, Efficiency, Scalability

The platform of the future requires the scale, the carrier-grade capabilities and the capacity to accommodate the highest levels of service. Video providers who have made new modifications to old platforms in an effort to future-proof their services should ensure that they maintain sufficient scale and reliability – especially as they turn to advanced monetization features.

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