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Quickplay’s OTT solution harnesses cloud-native technologies, including containers, microservices, a service mesh, APIs, and immutable infrastructure. The tech stack provides significantly better performance, a modular approach for feature expansion, continuous delivery for rapid iteration, and built-in scalability, observability, and security.

Our end to end streaming platform is built on a future-proof technology stack designed to deliver personalized experiences and to drive engagement with actionable data insights.

Our Video CMS future-proofs digital distribution by meeting the demands of high concurrency, low latency, and resiliency expected of OTT video, while optimizing cloud infrastructure spend.

Media Orchestrator

Designed from the ground up for incredible flexibility and efficiency, Quickplay’s Media Orchestrator is designed to simplify the media supply chain challenges of content ingestion organization, planning, versioning, packaging, reporting and more!  Reduce reliance on manual processes and assure content meets all specifications from aggregation to distribution


Automated content ingest and validation at scale to boost efficiency and quality control at the onset of aggregation

Title Management and Operations

Leveraging Quickplay’s deep expertise to proactively check, correct and confirm adherence to specifications and reduce manual intervention to normalize media, metadata, and prepare content for distribution.


Using the power of automation to streamline versioning, packaging and delivery of content to a growing number of syndication endpoints to generate additional revenue.

Video Pipeline

Our video pipeline is designed for high-quality, low-latency streaming at scale. We have experience serving thousands of linear and virtual channels, live events and video on demand and can build custom workflows to meet your customer needs.

Live channels

processed with AI software-based encoders in the cloud, support high-concurrency live events, and provide advanced features like blackouts, dynamic ads, and cDVR


(VOD) custom ingestion workflows that can handle massive catalogs in minutes, not hours

Media Services

pairs its Digital Mastering and cloud-based Content Planning & Distribution System to create a comprehensive end-to-end solution for preparing, organizing, planning, versioning and delivering your content at scale to both today and tomorrow’s platforms.

Video CMS

Our end-to-end platform is powered by a Video CMS that enhances viewers’ discovery of content with relevant and personalized experiences. It provides editorial tools and actionable data insights to cultivate engagement and drive monetization.


which facilitates discovery through data aggregation, normalization and enrichment.


that drives personalized editorial with AI recommendation capabilities.

User Insights

that deliver actionable insights with dashboards and decision making tools.

User Experience

Ready-to-use applications across web, mobile, smart TVs, set-top-boxes and gaming consoles, designed to reduce time to market. Powerful client libraries and player SDKs for building your own rich and immersive user experience.

Interactive video player

with advanced features, such as synchronized multi-camera feeds, interactive graphics, and real-time metadata, plus engagement metrics and application performance tracking

Multi-screen development framework

with ready to deploy apps for all major platforms, including mobile, web, connected TV, SmarTVs, and game consoles, based on a client library designed for cross-platform development

Data Science

Quickplay helps OTT providers leverage rich analytics to decode consumption patterns, drive engagement, increase revenues, and improve service performance with state-of-the-art data science.

Powerful analytics

enable providers to decode consumption and fine tune engagement via evaluation of content performance, identification of cohorts of users with similar behavior, and experimentation with A/B testing

Rich insights

into subscriber behavior fuel increased revenues by driving subscriber growth, managing conversion and churn, and increasing marketing campaign effectiveness

360-degree customer experiences

enrich user engagement by enabling beyond-video features such as in-game betting, personalized video feeds, recommendations, and predictive search

AI-assisted tools

– including monitoring and troubleshooting, smart content processing, network monitoring and CDN routing – improve service performance, ensure service availability, and optimize video distribution