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By André Christensen

When the ball dropped and the calendar turned this weekend, many of us understandably were eager to push 2021 into the past. But while we at Quickplay were as ready as anybody to escape the shadows of the pandemic, our entry into 2022 was buoyed by the progress we made as a company in our first full calendar year

Just over a month after India’s aha 2.0 launched on our cloud-native platform with all the fanfare of a Tollywood premiere, and on the heels of redefined sports experiences with Rogers Sports & Media’s Sportsnet and many other big milestones, we’ve stormed into the New Year. We’re riding a wave of customer successes and we’ve generated a pipeline of forward-thinking content providers who understand how our transformative architecture can grow and future-proof their businesses.

Here’s what’s driving our growth: our people and our technology. Our Quickplay team is the only one on the planet with a >16-year track record of delivering OTT results for Tier 1 customers globally. Our unequaled culture of impact, curiosity, eagerness to learn, and collaborative mindset has produced a first-of-its-kind platform that helps OTT providers deliver highly-performant, extensible and agile services at scale – with cost and effort reductions of >40% and time-to-market that is measured in days and weeks, not months and years. Although we can’t reveal our entire customer portfolio, our new video tells how we are making change happen:

  • By supporting multi-tenancy and high degrees of personalization, we’re enabling aha to turn its first-generation Telugu-language service into a “glocal” multi-lingual, multi-regional powerhouse.
  • Using innovative approaches to drive latency down and reliability up, we’re helping Sportsnet unlock new viewing options for NHL, NBA, Major League Baseball and other events for sports fans throughout Canada.
  • Our rich data pipeline, our analytics capabilities and our award-winning video CMS have made it possible for Struum to support more than 60 partner networks and an innovative, credits-based business model.

Yesterday we announced enhancements to our partnership with Google Cloud that streamline access to tools and storage for our customers and expedite their ability to get to market in the fastest and most cost-effective manner. Next Monday we’re an ITVT Awards for Leadership finalist for Most Significant Technology – Infrastructure. In the coming months, listen for a quickening drumbeat of customer wins, partner alliances, and product innovation as we help the industry tackle two big needs of 2022: creating more targeted, robust consumer experiences; and leveraging the cloud to clean up and simplify inefficient production and distribution systems.

Finally, as we enter the new year, one key takeaway from 2021 is that the core principles of Quickplay are – just like our cloud-native architecture – designed to support the industry’s current and future growth. Our New Year’s resolution is to remain committed to being intellectually curious, listening to and being empathetic to our customers, and collaboratively building solutions that drive business success for the industry. We look forward to your being with us on that journey.

Best wishes for a healthy and successful 2022!

André Christensen