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Quickplay cloud-native platform drives continued success in APAC

By Jim Vinh

We had that feeling of déjà vu all over again at the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting+ awards dinner last night, but let’s be honest – watching our deployment partners be honored for the innovative use of our platform just never gets old.

For the second straight year, India’s aha and the Philippines’ Cignal TV captured APB+ awards for their executions on their visions of what streaming could be. Aha’s “aha/Quickplay: Scaling new business and technology heights” entry captured OTT Platform – India laurels, while Cignal TV’s “Pilipinas Live: Using Quickplay’s Cloud-Native Platform to Build a Winning Global Sports Service” took top honors for Sports Broadcasting – Philippines.

We love the power that our cloud-native platform brings to any OTT provider, but two things especially warm our hearts: how our customers continue to imagine new ways to flex those capabilities, and how quickly the experts who adjudicate these awards grasp the impact of those innovations.

Aha, a 2023 winner for its “glocal” approach to targeting India’s diversity of languages and cultures, was recognized for its use of Freemium access and an ambitious advertising implementation to significantly boost subscribership and revenue. They used the flexibility, agility and scalability of the Quickplay platform to build a base user funnel, facilitate conversions with each content release, and capitalize on the audience growth with a multi-pronged monetization strategy. Oh, and we collaborated to implement support for direct, programmatic and third-party ads.

Cignal TV followed last year’s win for its lightning-quick migration to a cloud-native app by expanding our Quickplay platform’s support to include a first-of-its-kind global service focused on Filipino sports. The service repurposes components that already are being used by Cignal TV’s Cignal Play service, slashing the time needed to bring Pilipinas Live to market. It’s no-code environment and a dynamic storefront allow the Pilipinas Live team to make rapid changes, test new concepts, and pivot to new opportunities to ensure a continually refreshed and engaging service that can be tailored to fans’ individual viewing desires.

From where we sit, it’s been a great year for awards that demonstrate how architecture matters to OTT success. Since aha and Cignal TV took top honors in last year’s inaugural APB+ competition, our five core principles – Open, Modular, End-to-End, Dedicated Instance and Cloud-Native – helped us capture CSI awards for Best Live OTT Technology or Service and Best Sports Broadcast or Streaming Innovation; a NextTV Best in Market award; and more in 2023 alone.

Now our architecture is accelerating OTT’s next technology inflection point – leveraging Generative AI to solve some of the industry’s thorniest problems. Our AI-powered Curator Assistant and Media Companion discoverability products ran the table at NAB 2024, earning BAM, TV Tech Best of Show, and NAB Product of the Year awards. As always, we’re grateful to those judges for their consideration and commitment to the evaluation process.

As we did last year, we’d like to close by congratulating the aha and Cignal TV teams on their continued success in innovating on our platform. Their willingness to see into the future is driving business results, turning heads and winning awards. And watching our customers achieve success never gets old.

Jim Vinh