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Cloud Transformation

Immersive Experiences

Accelerated Time to Market

Cloud and OTT Transformation for pay-TV and MVPDs

Quickplay is playing a pivotal role as traditional pay-TV models evolve to include engaging OTT services as well as adjacent revenue streams such as SmartHome, security and health. The company’s leadership in cloud technology and experience as both a vendor and a service provider to help our customers create nimble, scalable, efficient platforms that assure broadcast quality, unparalleled agility, cost effective cloud economics, and multi-tenant support for an array of entertainment and in-home offerings.

Successful OTT services thrive where audiences meet content. Understanding the habits of users and capitalizing on rising trends allow Telcos, MVPDs and Pay TV services to navigate the ebbs and flows challenges of subscription services.

Immersive Sports and Live Experiences

The shift to direct-to-consumer models for sports networks, leagues, and teams is opening the door to huge new personalization, engagement, and revenue opportunities. Quickplay is out in front with a proven track record in delivering low latency, broadcast quality streaming of high-concurrency live events, as well as the elements that are critical to live sports success: real time statistics; live-to-VOD, multi-screen, and social viewing; graphic overlays; in-stadium services; a data store; and more. We provide sports telecasters with the fastest route to monetization via subscription and pay-per-view models, syndication, support of targeted advertising, sponsorships, and the growing market for sports betting.

Personalized Premium Entertainment Services

With hundreds of OTT services competing for audiences, time to market and depth of viewer engagement are critical. Working with major premium content providers and managing millions of video assets, Quickplay is helping new and existing services launch and scale globally in weeks and quickly create “daily habits” that build long-term subscriber value. Our advanced personalization capabilities allow experimentation that can optimize viewer experiences and serve content that meets each individual user’s preferences. And because we are entirely cloud based, we dramatically lower your total cost of ownership, minimize the upfront cost to launch or change, and allow you to shift your attention and investments towards innovation and subscriber lifetime value.