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Tekmark Group through its wholly owned subsidiary, Tekmark Broadcast Sdn Bhd is entering into an exclusive partnership with Quickplay to help Malaysia’s Broadcast and Media Industry navigate the future of Over-the-Top (OTT) Media Services and next generation Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) platform deployment. The two companies signed a term sheet to jointly design, develop, operate, and maintain any future OTT/IPTV digital transformation projects in Malaysia.

5G is changing the way consumers, content creators and broadcasters experience OTT. Ultra-Low latency connections improves video quality and provides an immersive real-time “life-like” experience for the viewers, leading to greater demand from subscribers. As Malaysia continuously progresses in its digital transformation journey towards a full-fledged Digital Malaysia by 2030, OTT/IPTV providers require a future-proofed cloud native solution that enables rapid expansion to new engagement and monetization opportunities.

Together with Quickplay, Tekmark Broadcast is poised to capture the next wave of growth in premium OTT entertainment services. The partnership looks to expedite OTT’s transformation to ultra-scalable, cloud-based platforms that use artificial intelligence to drive true engagement and monetization for Tier 1 broadcast and media operators.

“Compelling interfaces and responsive, reliable delivery of high-quality content to any subscriber anywhere have become table stakes for the best OTT providers,” said Quickplay CEO and Co-Founder André Christensen. “Our fast, flexible platform has made it possible for OTT providers to quickly create a total experience that is second to none today.”

Quickplay has partnered with various companies with global audiences, including Struum in United States, Rogers Sports & Media’s Sportsnet in Canada, Arha Media & Broadcasting Private Limited’s aha 2.0 in India, and PLDT’s wireless subsidiary Smart Communications in Philippines.

Dato’ Seri Dr Mohd Ariff Bin Araff, the Chairman of Tekmark, said the exclusive partnership aligned with the strategy to grow the company’s software and cloud-based solutions.

“We are thrilled to have Quickplay onboard with us. We look forward to working together with our partners to drive rich, engaging OTT services, delivering premium video, immersive sports, live experiences, cloud gaming and personalized entertainment on any screen for every Malaysian viewer”, said Dato’ Seri Dr Mohd Ariff.

About Tekmark Broadcast:

Tekmark Broadcast Sdn Bhd is a 100% Malaysian-owned technology solution provider that specialises in IP media infrastructure, AI-censorship, video transport and media cloud technology. Incorporated since 1994, the Company has delivered multiple broadcast network modernisation projects for Malaysia Content Providers.

About Quickplay:

Quickplay is leading cloud transformations of OTT and in-home experiences for pay-TV, telcos, and MVPDs. The company’s cloud-native platform leverages a transformative Gen5 architecture for unparalleled performance in delivering premium video, handling complex use cases, and scaling to millions of viewers. Founded by a team that has built and operated dozens of Tier 1 OTT services worldwide, Quickplay is powering immersive sports, live experiences and personalized entertainment on any screen. The company is headquartered in Toronto and has additional locations in Los Angeles, San Diego and Chennai, India. Quickplay is the winner for 2021 Google Cloud Industry Solution Partner of the Year Award for Media & Entertainment and a finalist for the Media & Communications 2022 Microsoft Partner of the Year Award.

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