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Unlock OTT Innovation

Unlocking OTT innovation requires the right architectural foundation

We see it time and time again in RFPs (“Request for Proposal”): a focus on platform features.

Don’t get us wrong – features are important!  But our customers are best served when conversations start with strategy, focusing not only on the here and now, but also on the impact of the platform decision: how it can empower a team to unleash a continuous cycle of innovation to drive improvement in acquisition, content investment, marketing investment, engagement, retention and monetization.

We believe every conversation should start with “ARCHITECTURE MATTERS.”

Choosing a platform with the right architecture to set you up for near and long term success is a critical strategic decision.  No one can anticipate what’s coming in features, business models, and distribution shifts, but when you have the right platform with the right architecture you can quickly engage, experiment and deploy these features faster and with a lower TCO.

The right architecture future proofs your business. That’s why our architecture starts with 5 product design principles

Open Architecture

  • Loosely coupled components
  • API driven
  • 3rd party integration capabilities
  • Quick access to AI/ML workflows

Modular Workflow

  • Integrate with existing & preferred vendor solutions
  • Extend offerings with new features or workflow component
  • Build unique configurations

End To End Orchestration

  • One stop shop for premium video distribution
  • Custom workflows to meet your needs
  • Unified data strategy

Dedicated Instance

  • Dedicated instance and CI/CD pipeline
  • Control over content and data storage
  • Multiple brands with single backend

Cloud Native Design

  • Fast and scalable microservices (250+)
  • Works on the cloud of your choice
  • Delivers scalability and lower TCO with cloud native tools

Open Architecture

Quickplay’s end-to-end, modular solution is API driven to provide you with the ultimate flexibility for the platform. The open architecture allows you – the customer! – to bring component technologies together to easily plug into our solution. This allows you to quickly deploy point solutions and capitalize on new AI marketplaces (more on this below) with reduced cycle times and with minimal investment and managed overhead.

Our open architecture promotes collaboration, innovation, flexibility, and transparency with more control over your systems, fostering a healthier and more sustainable software ecosystem. Leverage flexibility to shape your technology solutions to align with your business goals and requirements.

Modular Workflow

Modularity is key to flexibility and extensibility! Our platform architecture, with over 250 micro-services, lets you plug into, replace or append any part of the Quickplay stack.

This allows you to integrate with existing vendor choices / preferred vendor solutions and extend the Quickplay stack with new features or workflow components. We can build unique configurations for your business needs.

End-To-End Orchestration

In modern software architectures, systems are often composed of numerous interconnected services and components. End-to-end orchestration plays a vital role in achieving efficient, reliable, and adaptable workflows. We excel at the things that matter most in complex and distributed OTT environments: the coordination and management of the components, services, and processes needed to deliver a complete and integrated solution.

Quickplay's end to end orchestration is what we do best! We enhance system performance, reduce operational overhead, and contribute to a better user experience. Modularity is key to flexibility and extensibility! Our microservices architecture with universal orchestration lets you plug into, replace or append any part of the Quickplay stack.

Dedicated Instance

Here’s where Quickplay really makes you No. 1! Most OVP solutions are multi-tenant stacks, with your product sitting alongside others in the same product stack - meaning product improvements and prioritization are driven by the collective not by you!

Each Quickplay customer has their own dedicated instance that supports a multi-brand, multi-business model environment. This means you are always in control of your roadmap. You drive the prioritization of the features and improvements that matter to you, meeting your specific business needs, driving your long-term goals, and dedicated to your strategy – not others’.

Cloud Native Design

When we relaunched Quickplay in 2020, we re-invented the streaming platform from the ground up. We didn’t just port existing tech and a monolithic stack into the cloud; instead, we leveraged the best cloud-native tools in the market – GoLang, Kubernetes and Jenkins X – to build our entire stack with 250+ microservices in the cloud. We support all cloud environments, including GCP, AWS and Azure, as well as hybrid on-prem deployment.

Quickplay leverages the best of cloud computing platforms to run applications more efficiently, dynamically, and resiliently. Our cloud-native software is designed and optimized specifically for the cloud environment, enabling you to take full advantage of its features and benefits now and in the future.

So if architecture matters, what are the benefits?

Benefits of the Quickplay Architecture

Control Your Own Roadmap

A dedicated instance solution means you control the roadmap; you are not beholden to cross-client product prioritization and timelines.

Future Proof

The modular platform and open architecture ensure that as innovation spikes along the value chain, you can capitalize on new developments quickly, without having to re-platform the entire stack. It's plug and play!

Reliability at Scale

Horizontal and vertical scaling ensures optimal peak performance, stream quality, and viewer quality of experience. This requires robust testing practices, vigilant monitoring, and continuous optimization to accommodate larger audiences and more complex use cases. Our platform has supported top-tier live events including the FIFA World Cup, the NBA finals, and the Super Bowl, delivering broadcast quality video at the greatest scale in the industry.

Superior Performance & Lower TCO

Across every metric, our platform outperforms legacy OTT platforms. We deliver over 90% improvement in API response time, memory utilization, CPU and Docker Image Size, and produce a 7% savings in storage per hour. We also provide our customers with greater responsiveness through reduced development efforts and transformation speed, while reducing third party costs, maintenance and cloud costs.

Lower TCO

Key Considerations For TCO