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By Paul Pastor

We know we weren’t the only ones who were disappointed when the long arm of COVID once again shut down next week’s NAB Show, but when you’ve been cooling your heels in your best coming-out party shoes for a year and a half, it’s especially tough to take. So while we’ve unpacked our suitcases (again!), cancelled flight reservations (again!), and made alternative plans (again!), can I tell you what you would have experienced had we been in Las Vegas?

If we’d been in Las Vegas….

We’d have whisked the veil from the cloud-native platform demo we’ve been itching to exhibit since we launched Quickplay in March of 2020. Like a long-cellared wine at The Rio or a Vegas tall tale, our Gen5 architecture has gotten better with age – with ultra-low latency that’s a must-have as sports telecasters enter the betting realm, personalization and recommendations that can drive content discovery across countless viewing options, and the high performance needed to bring broadcast quality and reliability to the digital era.

If we’d been in Las Vegas…

We’d have shown how cloud-native architectures have already begun to light up OTT like Strip signs against the night sky. Upwards of 60 discrete services and a first-of-its-kind credits-based payment plan on Struum; the relaunch of SN NOW, Canada’s premiere TV home for the NHL, the NBA, Major League Baseball and more; and breakthrough scale and expansion for an existing streaming service in the competitive Indian market.

If we’d been in Las Vegas…

One of the biggest draws in town would have been the powerhouse sales team we assembled over the summer. Chris Drake, Anthony Busse in the Americas and Jim Vinh in APAC all have built strong relationships by leveraging their expertise, their grasp of innovation and their ability to work collaboratively with customers to discern needs and drive solutions. They should be the first call when customers need insights to shape technology roadmaps and business decisions.

If we’d been in Las Vegas…

You might have heard our VP, product management, Prabu Chelladurai, give a peek under the hood of our groundbreaking platform. You’d have seen how we’ve orchestrated one-touch, automated deployment, our serverless, containerized architecture, and our implementation of smart redundancy and multi-region origins to create OTT symphonies – streams that spin up in minutes with four-nines reliability at scale, with exponential savings in cost and overhead.

If we’d been in Las Vegas…

We’d have been able to experience what all of us were looking for most of all: the opportunity to experience the excitement of NAB and to get together again with the friends and associates that make our business unique. The good news is that we’re looking forward to renewing those relationships at IBC in Amsterdam in December and at CES just after the New Year. In the meantime, you can reach out to us at to learn how we can help you make your business better…just as if we’d been in Las Vegas.

Paul Pastor