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By Naveen Narayanan

Fitting the square peg of streaming monetization into the round hole of CTV reach has often been an obstacle to optimizing the partnerships between content rights holders and advertisers on CTV platforms, but when our Quickplay cloud-native OTT platform and existing Google products get together, it seems like there always is a solution.

While content providers have endeavored to fortify CTV menus with an array of AVOD, FAST, and linear channels, monetization at scale has eluded the industry. The need to work across multiple device ecosystems has limited the ability to offer personalized, relevant content and advertising that can engage viewers and drive revenue.

Here’s how we’re solving the problem and unlocking an estimated USD $49B+ opportunity: We’ve pre-integrated Google Ad Manager’s digital ad management capabilities into our next-generation OTT streaming platform to expedite monetization by bringing together the diverse ecosystems of streaming providers, CTV platform owners and advertisers. The integration covers both client-side and server-side ad insertion use cases for HLS and DASH delivery protocols. At IBC 2022 we’ll show our integration with Google Ad Manager and how partners can monetize their CTV content seamlessly across all devices and demand types (direct and programmatic).

This means:

  • Quickplay can power providers’ AVOD, linear and FAST services, using the same backend platform, across all CTV platforms, thereby improving efficiency.
  • Quickplay’s personalization capabilities can enable better, more intelligent experiences that engage audiences with relevant content and advertising, including personalize FAST channels
  • Current and prospective CTV partners can utilize Google Ad Manager to power monetization by tapping into diverse content sources supported on Quickplay’s platform with our pre-integrated solution

As the 2021 Google Cloud Industry Solutions Partner of the Year for Media & Entertainment, we’ve been working closely with the Google Cloud team to build next-gen OTT solutions around multiple Google products. Using our cloud-native platform, we’ve created solutions that leverage Looker, BigQuery, the new Google Cloud Media CDN – as well as Google Ad Manager.

Whether personalized FAST channels, churn prevention, or improved linear streaming experiences, our collaboration with Google Cloud is designed to unlock new opportunities for OTT. With Google Ad Manager, CTV and video streaming monetization is enabled at scale within our playout services. That means you can create experiences that bring together your amazing content with customized ads that viewers expect to grow your streaming business.Please contact us at to set up a meeting before, at, or after IBC 2022 to learn more.

Naveen Narayanan