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With cutting-edge Gen-5 architecture, Quickplay enables unmatched speed to market with content, new features, promotions, and more.

The power of Quickplay to enable faster speed to market was perfectly demonstrated recently with the launch of Struum, a revolutionary OTT service designed to help consumers discover content from hundreds of niche and specialty services through a single Struum subscription.

Struum was born to innovatively solve a growing industry problem: consumers’ frustration around finding, paying for, and accessing content in a crowded SVOD market. And working with Quickplay, Struum is coming online in a matter of months with a future-proof platform, experts with decades of experience launching OTT services, and thereby surpassing the capability of OVPs with ten years’ of software development time invested, and at half the cost of operation.

With peerless Gen-5 architecture, Quickplay enables unmatched speed to market with content, new features, promotions, monetization options, and more.

Quickplay was established to create a new sea level in streaming capabilities and has been designed from the ground up with the infrastructure and next-gen architecture to provide unmatched agility. Starting with its serverless, cloud-agnostic architecture, Quickplay enables full cloud interoperability. In the modern era of OTT, content and platform functions cannot reside on servers if performance is to be reliable and extensible; Quickplay enables consistent and quality performance regardless of platform or device.

From the start, Quickplay built an architecture that would have 110+ cloud-native microservices, fully containerized to support agility and performance for the most sophisticated video streamed by the world’s largest pay-TV and premium content providers. With each microservice independently deployable, the path from conception through testing and deployment is shortened and simplified, speeding OTT services to market with new features, content, promotions, recommendations, options, and more, all crucial to viewer retention and monetization. The ability to ship new features in weeks instead of months gives first-tier content providers an edge for retaining loyal viewers.  Additionally, a multi-tenant Content Management System and Storefront give Service Providers the power and the flexibility to curate and merchandize their OTT offerings.

Finally, Quickplay is architected for Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment with an automated CI / CD pipeline to speed, simplify, and mistake-proof the software deployment process. The automated process enables all code changes to be merged in a single place any time, then to be processed through automated build-and-test sequences to enable safe updates to live code in minutes. CI / CD drastically reduces development time for software features and functions, saving premium pay-TV and content providers substantial effort, time, and cost. This unparalleled efficiency opens the gate to increased experimentation with new features that can drive personalization, using A/B testing to accelerate availability of those features that work and to reduce the cost of failure of those that do not.

With a field-proven platform architected from conception as serverless and cloud-agnostic, built as a robust system of 110+ containerized microservices, and supported by a CI / CD pipeline, Quickplay simply has an unfair advantage over OVPs, even those working hard to catch up to OTT capabilities. Quickplay is a peerless future-proof OTT platform enabling unmatched speed to market and unmatched subject expertise.

Quickplay is the only end-to-end OTT platform that was architected with Tier-1 requirements in mind, and can now provide unmatched speed to market and ease of integration with other best-of-breed systems. We would love to talk – contact us for more information.