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Cloud-native platforms hold key to deployment success

By Paul Pastor

Architecture matters.

IBC will be abuzz with Generative AI chatter – and make no mistake, our Quickplay team will be in the thick of that action – that’s an essential truth that shouldn’t be ignored.

Let’s face it: no matter what the hot ticket is in OTT – premier content, new business models, or big brand debuts – it doesn’t get far without the right architectural foundation. If the last few years have taught the streaming business anything, it’s that success comes to those who have the flexibility to scale up or down with consumer demand and to pivot to new business models.

Since the debut of consumer applications late last year, the Generative AI world has been electric with the promise of new creative forces, new efficiencies, and in OTT new ways to engage and monetize subscribers. Any streaming provider that ignores the potential of Generative AI does so at their own peril.

But here’s the rub: trying to bolt Generative AI applications onto some existing platforms can be like bolting a Lamborghini body onto a junkyard chassis. The platform can be upgraded on the surface, but still lacks the horsepower and versatility required to deliver satisfactory performance.

The answer lies in the cloud-native platforms that are already affecting digital transformation worldwide. Cloud-native, API-driven OTT platforms with open architectures, modular workflows and end-to-end orchestration are capable of plugging into Generative AI marketplaces, creating endless cycles of improvements against desired business outcomes.

It’s a straightforward process: Architecture enables orchestration which enables the ecosystems that enable the gateways to marketplaces. Here’s why that matters when it comes to the deployment of AI marketplaces:

  • Open Architecture –  Rapid access and integration across all AI marketplaces.
  • Modular Workflow – Target sports, media and other AI use cases throughout the value chain.
  • End-to-End Orchestration – Drive business success with a unified AI and data strategy
  • Cloud-Native Design – Leverage AI toolkit and scalable infrastructure.
  • Single-Tenant Deployment – Protect your data and accelerate your product roadmap – not others’.

We’ve already seen how cloud-native platforms have future-proofed OTT services in and beyond the Philippines, India and the Americas. The same flexibility, agility and scalability that have accelerated the fortunes of PLDT’s Smart and Cignal TV brands, India’s aha, and some of the biggest names in sport  – YES Network, MSG Networks, and Rogers Sports & Media’s Sportsnet – are poised to make Generative AI look easy.

With IBC around the corner, we’ll have more news on how our platform is a catalyst for partnership activity that is making Generative AI real, but in the meantime you might want to give your platform a reality check. Because as Gen AI arrives for OTT we can’t forget this:

Architecture matters.

Paul Pastor